Oakwood Theme Park reveal their latest magical investment

by Alex Dunne

After keeping the new land in Oakwood a secret, they finally have revealed that “Neverland” the magical place that Peter Pan and Co. fly to.

The new area is themed around the world-famous ‘Peter Pan’ story by author J M Barrie and will include a vast majority of new rides and adventures including “Skull Rock” a Pirate Log Flume, Lost Boys Adventure, Neverland Chase, Crocodile Coaster, Tink’s Flying School, The Jolly Roger mini Pirate Ship, Hook’s House of Havoc soft play area and the “Sights of London” Taxi Ride, which feature some of the best sites of London including Big Ben, Tower of London and Nelson’s Column. The New area will also feature Journey to Neverland, which is an interactive walkthrough area which takes visitors into the Darling family home and above the streets of London before arriving in ‘Neverland’ itself. Oakwood Theme Park have confirmed the area will feature a Kids “Aerodrome” Ride and have London parks along with a good number of food & retail outlets.

Oakwood Theme Park’s Dominic Jones said:

“It’s been tough to keep the name and theme of the new area secret for so long but we really wanted it to be a surprise. What better inspiration for a theme park could there be than Peter Pan – ‘the boy who would not grow up’? We’re on track to be able to open ‘Neverland’ to visitors later this month and we cannot wait to see their reactions.

This is by far the biggest investment at Oakwood in recent times and it will completely transform and add significantly to the visitor experience. “We have been fortunate to work with the top theming companies and designers in Europe and everyone here is delighted with the results of all their hard work,”

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