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Following a long period of speculation, the much anticipated Theme Park Studio will be released on PC this year.

The theme park simulation game promises to be the pinnacle of its genre, building on the success of similar software. Whilst other games such as Bullfrog’s Theme Park Inc. and Chris Sawyers’ Rollercoaster Tycoon series allowed builders to create theme parks with pre-designed buildings and rides, Theme Park Studio is set to allow more creativity than ever.

Whilst the idea of custom making buildings and rides aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, Theme Park Studio will capable of allowing this aspect of the game flourish. Finally, an opportunity to create your perfect park! Following on from this, Pantera have revealed that “Theme Park Studio is fully customizable. The sidewalk fences and path textures can be changed. You can create and import new textures. You can select any tree or object to be automatically added when the paths are designed.”


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As the project required $80,000 (approximately £53,000) to get off the ground, a campaign was started on social site Kickstarter to encourage simulation gamers and theme park enthusiasts to help make the dream a reality.

The whole concept and professionalism of the Theme Park Studio project has even enticed this author into pledging to the cause, and there is still time for you to get involved.

Whilst the basic project is now funded, Pantera Entertainment still hope to create a money management aspect to the game, alongside making versions compatible for the Apple Mac and Playstation 3. For this to become viable, the project requires further funding. However with gamers essentially ‘buying into’  the product, the return on investment includes rewards ranging from various versions of the game itself to being listed on the game’s credits are very encouraging. Click here to find out more about how you can pre-order your copy of Theme Park Studio.

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Adam James Whittaker

Adam James Whittaker is an aspiring marketer, who has worked in the theme park industry for a number of years. He believes in the preservation of amusement heritage and using marketing effectively to promote new attractions and investments.

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