Talkthrough: Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic

by Alex Dunne

Wallace and Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic is a marvellous addition to Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s family line-up.

The ride is a four minute journey back in time, as you join Wallace & Gromit on their latest invention, The Thrill-O-Matic. The British Icon’s are at it again, as you join them through some of their best and worst moments.

Before we delve into the ride’s highlights, lets take a look at the attraction under construction.


[notice]Please Note: The following ‘ride talkthrough’ contains heavy spoilers![/notice]

First off after smiling and saying “Cheese” for the camera, you will enter W&G’s living room, and then when in their basement, the greese hasn’t worked, but don’t worry Wallace will soon get you back on track, as you enter a Grand Day Out, a true blast of nostalga for the many fans of the original film that started it all, with the infamous Orange Rocket blasting into space, but did they remember to pack the crackers?

Following blast off its time to experience a Close Shave as you join the dynamic duo for Breakfast, and its Tuesday. But as the ride continues, it seems not all is well as Preston is up to no good, but as Gromit fails to stop the evil Dog, its up to Shaun the Sheep to “shave” the day?

Despite this Wallace echo’s that it looks like its all down hill from here. Which it is as you whoosh into a Matter of Loaf and Death, as you see Wallace and Piella Bakewell doing the infamous “Ghost” clay making scene, but soon Piella admits she hates baker’s, so its up to the dynamic duo to save the day again, or is it? As fluffles aims to put a stop to Piella once and for all, but can she get past the rolling pins and the wicked moves of Piella Bakewell. By the way, what is that in Wallace’s pants?

After all this havoc it seems that Wallace has put on the “Wrong Trousers” as he is being controlled by evil mastermind; Feathers McGraw to steal from the Jewellers. Is this crook going to get away with this – stay tuned to find out!

It appears in the next scene, Wallace and Gromit must suit up, and become Anti-Pesto, but what out for those pesky vegetable destroyer’s – the Rabbit’s. Its a good job that Wallace and Gromit have built an add-on to his van, the Bun-Van 6000 – to keep these pesky Rabbits from eating the Vegetables. Its a shame that Victor still thinks that there is some rabbit bother!

Suddenly we are re-wound to the Wrong Trousers, as we see Feather’s is still up as bad as ever, as he try’s to escape the house, with the Diamond. But beware, Gromit has train tracks up his fur, and he isn’t going to stop at anything until he catches Feathers McGraw. Anyone got a glass bottle handy?

As you near the end of the journey you see the Rabbits again, waving you goodbye, along with the Cooker which is still to this day skiing across the Cheese Moon. Wallace thanks Gromit for a riverting ride, and it suddenly goes pitch black, a lone ghome in the distance with red eyes flashing. Whats that in the dark, ahhhhhh – The Were Rabbit from out of nowhere! :O But thankfully this Were-Rabbit likes us, and you see Hutch eating Cheese before you riveting adventure ends with Wallace and Gromit saying “Well that was Riveting!“.

How would I describe the new investment? A “cracking” ride indeed!