Sea life from Japanese shores…

Monocentris Japonica, also known as the Pinecone Fish

Southend is set to be invaded by 2,000 Japanese native sea creatures this month.

Forming part of the new Fins exhibition, the installations will soon make arrive at their new home in Essex – all the way from the Far East.

The group includes creatures such as the deep sea scavenging Japanese Isopods, glowing Pinecone Fish (also known as Pineapple Fish and renowned for their smiling faces, the 500 million year old deep coral reef dwelling living fossil the Chambered Nautilus and the ‘Sexy Shrimp’ which is so named for the way it ‘dances’ by moving its tail in a unique back and forth motion.

All the new arrivals are native to the Indo –Pacific, hence why Sea-Life imported the creatures all the way from Shizuoka in Japan. There have also been new arrivals from Bali and Vietnam.

Sea Life Adventure manager Lucy Hodge explains;

We are constantly trying to develop fresh and interesting displays to give families plenty of new reasons
to come and visit Sea-Life time and time again. We want to be able to show a wide range of fascinating and unusual species from across the globe that will marvel and delight.”

With the British economy not at it’s strongest, it is key that attractions fulfil demand with supply in an appropiate fashion – Something Sea Life Adventure appears to have mastered.

We’ve developed our Sea Nursery area as a direct response to customer feedback. Visitors seem to really find this ‘behind the scenes’ area of the aquarium absolutely fascinating – and for us it is all about listening and then giving
people more access to what they enjoy seeing and hearing about.”