Thorpe’s being backward about things with revamped Swarm

The Swarm is Thorpe Park's latest rollercoaster, and Britain's first 'wing rider' attraction.

The Swarm Thorpe Park

The Swarm rollercoaster in Surrey is set to receive a minor change for 2013.

As opposed to installing a backwards rollercoaster, Thorpe Park have turned the last two rows of The Swarm to face backward. Alongside this, another ‘near miss’ has been added.

The change is described as follows on Thorpe Park’s website;

NEW FOR 2013 – THE SWARM has mutated! The sting is in its tail as the attack against planet Earth continues.

Be dragged backwards into a blind 127ft drop before hurtling through the wasted landscape in a series of gut-wrenching near misses, including, new for 2013, the mangled metal of a devastated billboard.

With other parks such as Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach receiving multi-million pound investments this season, the news has caused vast conversation on social media sites. One commenter said on the park’s Facebook page;

Makes me so not want to go now, it’s a logistical nightmare as it is on the Swarm. But now add front row, back row, fast track and normal tickets, left side or right side. I think I’ll miss the ride out altogether.

An alternative view point on Twitter however disagreed;

Was umming & arring about renewing my Merlin Annual Pass in 2013, but now @THORPEPARK are reversing the rear seats on The Swarm, I have to.

The modification will be a minor addition for this season however, with new accommodation being in the spotlight. The Crash Pad consists of several shipping containers collected together to form a unique sleeping arrangement. Two day packages start at £256 for four people.

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