Smile! Details revealed for Alton Towers’ latest coaster

Details have been announced for Alton Towers’ new rollercoaster, set to open in May.

Set to open in May, (after being postponed from March) the codenamed SW7 rollercoaster has been unveiled as ‘The Smiler’.

Located in the X-Sector area of the park, The Smiler is described as an all-knowing controlling force that will make riders compliant until they become a smiling advocate.

Last week a group of farmers, who were recruited by the Resort, branded their flocks of sheep using black livestock aerosol marker and a stencil of The Smiler emblem. Images of the painted sheep were leaked on Twitter after being posted by the farmers involved and bewildered members of the public.

The pictures soon went viral as many people re-tweeted and shared the posts, partaking in discussions over what the symbol meant. A number of newspapers and websites picked up the story causing widespread confusion across the country.

The Smiler
The Smiler will contain a number of inversions, including a feature known as the ‘Staffordshire Knot’

Concept art released today shows a number of rollercoaster inversions, surrounding a spider-like theming structure.

Katherine Duckworth of Alton Towers commented;

“We wanted to create some mystery around the name of our new world first rollercoaster, The Smiler. We’ve managed to baffle the nation and hopefully made a few people smile. The Smiler will be our biggest and most thrilling attraction the Resort has ever seen and we can’t wait for guests to join us in May and experience it for themselves.”

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