Game Review: CoasterVille


Zynga re-entered the theme park simulation game market this month with CoasterVille.

Aimed at the social gamer, the new game is the latest in the long line of Zynga games hosted on Facebook.

The format itself will come as no surprise. Those who have played Farmville, Cityville, or any other ‘ville‘ game will know exactly what to expect. For newbies to the genre however, the game is extremely similar to Bullfrog’s Theme Park game. Very similar indeed.

However, Zynga insist that their new game is a breath of fresh air. Amir Rahimi, general manager, CoasterVille comments;

“We want to take players on a magical and memorable ride in CoasterVille,”

“Theme parks as a setting make for great games, but we sought to add our own twists through a mix of nostalgia and innovation that offers players fun ways to express themselves and play with their friends. We can’t wait to see what players do with the endless amount of amusement park delights that we’ve added in CoasterVille.”

From that statement, CoasterVille does sound rather good. Granted, the game does have it’s positive points. Features such as upgrading attractions, animations, themed rides and engaging missions add to the fun. Also, unlike Theme Park, the game is constantly improved with new attractions and missions to keep the game fresh.

So, the negatives. As with all ‘Ville’ games there is a price to pay, either socially or financially. Most missions require items which require nagging your fellow Facebook friends, or to part with your well-earned cash on virtual goodies. The latter can be more expensive than you think considering that Zynga’s previous theme park Facebook game Rollercoaster Kingdom disappeared off the social networking site two years ago, with a trail of disappointed players who had spent both time and money on the game.

Should you play CoasterVille? Perhaps. As there’s no cost to start playing the game there’s little to lose. However when you start parting with real money in exchange for virtual dollars , you may want to search for that long lost Theme Park disc.

[important]Review Summary

Good Points
+ Entertaining way to pass time
+ Somewhat realistic game

Bad Points
Unoriginal concept
May depart in a similar fashion to Rollercoaster Kingdom
Item requests grate down on players
Best items require real cash

Author’s Rating: 3/10 [/important]

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