Game Review: Coaster Crazy launched on mobile

Aimed at the casual market, Coaster Crazy aims to bring out the designer from within the mobile gamer.

The Frontier-developed game (currently only available for Apple products) takes players on a trip around the world on a voyage to make money from a number of rollercoasters. Each ride has to pass a certain number of objectives to be opened.

On first glance, the graphics don’t appear to be too polished – however that isn’t what the game is about. Instead, Coaster Crazy is a well developed ‘freemium’ app, that aims to educate about how rollercoasters work in an enjoyable fashion.

Unlike it’s EA counterpart app Theme Park, progress can be made easily without any extravagant real money investment. Coins can be earned over time through guests riding your wonderful contraptions, whilst gems can be used to purchase gimmicks for your track, or speed up the timer holding back new continents to explore.

Whilst the game is relatively simple, terms such as lateral Gs, airtime and inversions are integral to completing the Coaster Crazy campaign. Infact, the app is probably one of the most advanced software pieces for ride design in recent times, with angles and height easily adaptable to meet specific requirements. Players start off with a basic steel rollercoaster format for the first level – however other formats such as launched, bobsled, wooden become unlocked as the user ‘levels up’.

The game does have a few limitations however, including a few sound issues and the imposed track length limit which does limit creativity to some extent. Hopefully the former will be resolved in a future app update.

All in all, Coaster Crazy is a quality app for the iPhone/iPad which doesn’t impact hard on the wallet, if at all. If you have an Apple device it is heartily recommended – and is a great way for enthusiasts to ride through the amusement park closed season.


[important]                                                                    Review Summary

Good Points

+ Free to download, with little reliance on in-game purchases

+ Realistic coaster physics

+ Variety of track styles and trains

+ Better than similar app games

Bad Points

Slightly buggy at times

Only available on iOS devices

Author’s Rating: 8/10 [/important]