End of the line for Blackpool’s Monorail

Nearly half a century after it first opened to the public, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has closed one of its longest rides on a permanent basis.

The park’s Monorail has operated every year since 1966 – although the visitor experience has changed numerous times as Europe’s first commercial monorail system.

In the early days, the Monorail acted merely as a transport system with views of the Irish Sea, with three stations at the Casino Building, the seafront (now Ocean Boulevard), and the Overpass. However, only the final station has been in use for the last decade meaning the Monorail was more a ride than a useful mode of transport.

Also leaving the park this year will be Holiday Rock FM, the Pleasure Beach’s independent music variety station which hosts announcements and various music tracks for the 42-acre amusement park. With both the departures based around the Overpass, it is believed they will make way for a Wallace & Gromit ‘miniland’ to coincide with the rethemed Gold Mine ride next year.