Key statistics for ‘Secret Weapon 7’ announced

Alton Towers have published more information about their upcoming thrill attraction.

Codenamed ‘Secret weapon 7’, the ride is being marketed as both a ‘world-beating’ and ‘world first’ rollercoaster. Expected to be manufactured by steel coaster experts Gerstlauer, SW7 will replace the former Black Hole rollercoaster – which has already been fully demolished.

Next year guests over 1.4 metres tall will board their 16 seater train (with four rows of four seats), before being accelerated up 30metres above land level. Riders will experience a top speed of 85 kilometers per hour (10km/hr faster than the park’s ‘flying’ coaster Air), whilst coasting along the £18million investment.

The whole adventure takes place over 1,170m of track, and will take 165 seconds to complete. This makes the ride three times as many metres and seconds longer than Oblivion and Rita respectively.

Alton Towers will open their first rollercoaster since 2010 on 16th March 2013.