Alton Towers captivates SW7 followers in a trance

Alton Towers has stepped up marketing for their upcoming rollercoaster investment.

Currently being defined by the codename of SW7, a new visual has gradually been spread out virally through the Staffordshire theme park.

A tag has been grafitti’d on various surfaces such as pavements, cage tunnels and fences, consisting of two illusion helixes and a connecting bracket – coming together to form a face. The result (right) is not dissimilar to the infamous Cheshire Cat from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

To accompany this, SW7’s minisite has been revamped to include the new project tag, along with a timer which is counting down to 10am on Saturday 16th March 2013; believed to be the new rollercoaster’s opening time.

The rollercoaster itself is being described as “World Beating” – whereas past Secret Weapon rollercoasters at Alton Towers such as Nemesis and Oblivion have been described individually as “Worlds First”s.

Integrating social media into the viral campaign, intrigued fans can both Like the minisite via Facebook, or use the designated hashtag #getcorrected when talking about the upcoming multi-million pound investment on Twitter.

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