Richard Rodriguez’ Big One Challenge – In video

Airgates were welcomed to Blackpool Pleasure Beach last week to witness the completion of an amazing feat.

Richard Rodriguez recently completed a 112 day stint on the Pepsi Max Big One, riding continuously for the time the rollercoaster was operating. With the original record being a mere 102 days in comparison, Richard vowed to stay on ten extra days to secure his title.

On Wednesday 19th September, Richard completed his final lap of the circuit to a crowd of thrill-seekers, enthusiasts and the press – and we recorded the concluding celebrations. The video can be played on YouTube directly below. (We recommend viewing in 720p HD and with subtitles turned on).


About: Adam James Whittaker

Adam James Whittaker is an aspiring marketer, who has worked in the theme park industry for a number of years. He believes in the preservation of amusement heritage and using marketing effectively to promote new attractions and investments.

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