Top 5 UK scare attractions for this Halloween

This October, Britain’s theme parks will start upping the ghouls and ghosts in anticipation of Halloween – but which attractions will truly have the ‘scare factor’ this year? Airgates takes a look..

5. Frightwater Valley

A relative newcomer to scare events, Lightwater Valley’s version entails park-wide entertainment amongst well known rides such as Europe’s longest rollercoaster. The popular ride-scare combination experience Raptor Attack LIVE! returns for a second year, and a new major scare maze ‘Underworld‘ is being promised as this year’s headliner. Be sure to watch this park’s Halloween festivities in future years.

4. Scare Kingdom

For most of the working year, this location is a working farm producing a variety of sweet ice cream flavours for the Summer. However, the fields turn sour once every year into a scare enthusiasts’ dream. Scare Kingdom comprises of four new horror attraction for 2012 – two indoor, two outdoor – plus an on-site bar and roaming actors. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

3. Alton Towers

Whilst Alton Towers is most commonly known for it’s varied portfolio of rides and rollercoasters, Halloween is really when the atmosphere builds. Terror of the Towers is this author’s favourite (and included with admission too), however the Carnival of Screams and The Sanctuary scaremazes are designed to scare the living daylights out of you for an additional cost. For families, a number of smaller shows and the Zombies! Scare Zone make a much desired return.

2. Thorpe Park

Catering especially for teenagers and adults, the Halloween offerings are dedicated to the very same audience in Fright Nights. No wimpy dances or scare-free zones – Thorpe Park this year have five scare mazes, most included with the entrance price. Some favourites are back such as The Asylum, The Curse and Experiment 10, which SAW Alive returns from being relegated to a scare maze from a permanent attraction. Nonetheless, Jigsaw won’t take any time in scaring visitors once again. New for this year is The Passing, a new maze based around the trials of being accused of crime and being sentenced to death. This maze has an extra charge, however it’s only for those made of sterner steel. Truly terrifying stuff.

1. Farmageddon

Forged in Hell but conveniently located on the B5195 between Ormskirk and Formby” is one of the world’s top rated scare attractions. Nothing is off limits in the park’s three mazes; Terror on the Farm is a classic Farmageddon attraction, comprising of a labyrinth for guests to centipede through together. Playing on the senses, Insanity is more than just about what you see – especially with a new ‘Treatment Plant’ where actors will mysteriously disappear. This year’s final maze is potentially the scariest – Psychosis. Farmageddon are keeping tight lipped about this maze, however this will add to the suspense of your visit’s climax.

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