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Aug 23 2012

Shipping container accommodation planned for Thorpe

Thorpe Park have applied for planning permission for on-site accommodation.

Marked on plans as ‘temporary’, the plans involve a collection of shipping containers provided by external company Snoozebox, and will be located behind the Dome, with access from the park’s entrance bridge.

Whilst some enthusiasts have looked on in disbelief, if is believed this accommodation is a temporary measure till permission is granted for a much more permanent building on the adjacent waterfront.

Documents relating to the application say that the 40 shipping containers are planned to stay for 3 years, containing 117 rooms in total. This will enable the park to create a destination suitable for multiple consecutive days, and test the waters for a permanent ‘resort’ hotel.

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Adam James Whittaker is an aspiring marketer, who has worked in the theme park industry for a number of years.