Summer fun at family theme parks

If you love nothing more than excitement and adrenaline then you are sure to be a theme park-fanatic.

From upside-down rollercoasters to the water rides, there is always so much fun to be had at a theme park. You may have already browsed through a few of the attractions on our website and if you’re looking to visit a theme park then you’re in the right place. Below are a just a few fantastic places you won’t want to miss out on.

One of the great things about visiting a theme park in the UK is that your parking is usually included in the price of the entrance ticket. This means you can park all day and not worry about getting a fine. It’s nothing like parking at an airport for example where you have to pay for your ticket in advance on sites like Parking 4 Less, or parking in town where you have to pay for your parking by the hour. At theme parks you simply turn up and park without any hassle.

Flamingo Land

This picturesque park combines the excitement of rides with the beauty of nature. The Yorkshire based zoo park is noted for the Cliffhanger (a combo drop tower) as well as a pair of Vekomas (Velocity booster bikes) and the Kumali (a suspended looping coaster). In addition it’s home to a heart pounding drop ride called Mumbo Jumbo which once held the world record of being the steepest ride drop at an impressive 112 degrees.

Thorpe Park

The most recent ride to come to Thorpe Park is the Swarm which is the UK’s first Bolliger and Mabillard Wing Rider coaster. Thorpe Park – noted by Merlin as one of the top UK theme parks – is famed for its huge water ride, Tidal Wave which does exactly what it says in the title. Prepare yourself because every seat is in soak zone.


It may not cater for adrenaline-junkies but this Windsor based park still manages to attract thousands of visitors. It’s aimed at younger children but there are some fast rides too for the older ones. Legoland is famous for its incredible Miniland area which recreates some of the world’s most famous sights out of 40 million Lego bricks.