Further Scarefest details announced for 2012

Alton Towers have released prices and more detail regarding their Scarefest event for this year.

2012 will see the addition of a brand new scare maze, with specific details yet to be released. The new attraction will act as a replacement for The Boiler House, which saw it’s last performance last year in the now removed Black Hole tent.

Both Carnival of Screams and the ever popular Terror of the Towers are set to remain, which will complete this years scaremaze lineup.

The new maze along with Carnival of Screams will both be extra charge attractions, costing between £9-13 dependent on what time of day the experience takes place – later performances are at the higher end of this price bracket. Terror of the Towers on the otherhand, will be free as in previous seasons.

With the new maze set to be the only new major feature this year, other family shows such as Frankin’s Freaky Farm and Patch’s Trick or Treat Party (pictured) will entertain children, whilst Zombies! Scare Zone will return will family-sized scares. Below is a video featuring this scare zone which premièred at Alton Towers last year.

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