A new community, right up your TowersStreet

A new forum community officially opened their doors this week – and is already home to the UK’s most active independent park community forum.

Known as TowersStreet, the online fansite is dedicated to the latest news and gossip from Alton Towers, UK theme parks, and a German destination known as Europa Park.

The forum follows on from a previous venture which had been online for just over a decade, and appears to be a fresh burst of energy for theme park enthusiasts.

A description from the website is as follows;

TowersStreet was first established in June 2012 by a team of 12 dedicated and passionate people from various walks all with one common interest and love – Alton Towers, theme parks and everybody else who loves them too!

When things continually didn’t work out between the team and the owner of another Alton Towers community site that the whole team volunteered for, they took the difficult decision to move from that community and establish their own – with all of the goodness and best bits to be planted as seeds for their new home – here at TowersStreet.com

The forum was created after the team unanimously resigned from another Alton Towers fansite following an unfortunate internal issue with the website’s original owner. However, it appears the move was indeed a correct one for the TowersStreet team, with over three hundred people signing up to the new community in under two days of operation.

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