Wicksteed’s Nautic Jets to be removed


The Nautic Jets in action at the park's Lakeside area. Photo: Wicksteed Park

Northamptonshire-based Wicksteed Park have begun removing its Nautic Jets attraction, which was installed in 1990 by manufacturer Heega.

The attraction features two metal ramps, which are both inclined with the lowest end just above the height of the water. Riders descend the metal ramp and ‘fly’ into the water, where the boat skips across until stopping.

The ride can be quite scary for first time riders, as the concept of leaving the track and skimming across the surface of the surrounding lake can be quite intimidating. However, the Nautic Jets were highly enjoyable, offering a novel and enjoyable experience.

The park has recently confirmed that the attraction is being removed ahead of plans to redevelop the area.  It is not known whether the attraction has been sold or scrapped.

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