TowersTimes community celebrate birthday in style

The UK’s largest park specialised fan community has celebrated their tenth anniversary this past weekend.

TowersTimes (available at has been online for 10 years, beginning during the construction of Air in Staffordshire during 2002.

Whilst the website and its associated forum is constructed around a passion for Alton Towers, the community was praised for being open and balanced over the weekend, with a much-needed open mind as regards to other parks.

The main portion of the event (which occured on Saturday 5th May) included a function and presentations in the park’s Towers Suite, followed by a behind-the-scenes tour of three popular dark rides; Duel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Ride, and Hex.

Speakers at the Towers Suite presentation included Operations and Developments Director Mark Kerrigan and Ride Consultant John Wardley.