Black Hole disappearing into near Oblivion

The Black Hole tent has been a prominent feature of the park for over three decades [Photo:Rob Lowe]

Photo: Rob Lowe

 Work has begun imminently on the removal of the external building of Black Hole at Alton Towers in anticipation of a new 2013 addition.

Codenamed SW7, the new rollercoaster set to replace the previous Black Hole attraction will feature at least eight inversions – and is thought to be manufactured by German manufacturer Gerstlauer.

Black Hole itself last operated in 2005 after 21 years of operation, however the tent structure has remained intact on the site until today. The Northern rectangular section of the tent has started to be dismantled, with the dome to follow in the next number of weeks.

In related news, a teaser website has been launched in anticipation of the upcoming white-knuckle attraction for next year. Accessible at , the one page offshoot allows enthusiasts and intrigued guests to subscribe to future updates relating to the planned coaster.

Whilst not giving much away as to the nature of SW7 itself, the site does hint at a possible theme with hints of chrome and a double helix – also related to as DNA.


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