Reviewed: Nemesis Sub-Terra

It’s official – The British theme park season is now well underway!

The rides are re-opened, the PR stunts have concluded, and finally millions of visitors will have the chance to have their preliminary rides on new additions such as Nemesis Sub-Terra and Ice Age 4D at Alton Towers.

So what exactly are these attractions, and how would we rate them? Should you be planning a trip to a theme park soon, you may wish to read our brand new, full review of Nemesis Sub-Terra prior to your visit.

This review takes in the atmosphere, theming and full experience, by regular theme park visitors (no VIPS here!) to give you a full and unbias opinion of Merlin Entertainments’ latest investment.

Nemesis Sub-Terra plays highly on the idea of the unexpected, so please be prepared for spoilers should you wish to read our review.


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