First ‘Airgates:Live’ from Alton Towers

This weekend, Airgates will be posting Live updates from our visits through our website for the first time.

Available from , you will be able to follow our treks around British theme parks and midway attractions, aswell as product and ride launches, press days and the annual Euro Attractions Show.

The first online Airgates:Live will take place this weekend (24th-25th March 2012) with updates from Alton Towers, Staffordshire. Whilst featuring general observations, polls and hourly antics up until park closing, this Saturday also marks the opening of two new attractions at the park.

Nemesis Sub-Terra is set to be a terrifying dark ride experience taking place in the Phalanx-guarded caverns deep beneath Forbidden Valley, whilst the new family-friendly Ice Age – The 4D Experience is prepared set to cool guests down for its premier screening at the park.

Associated Link: Airgates : LIVE