Pitch and Butt for charity fundraiser


Adventure Island are looking for people who have the (golf) balls to help raise money for The Prostate Cancer charity this weekend.

Taking place on 25th March, the event will involve participants playing mini golf in the nude to raise funds for the good cause. It is hoped that the ‘Pitch and Butt’ challenge will enable the Southend-on-Sea based amusement park break the record for the highest number of naked mini golf players within an hour.

However, this won’t be the first time Adventure Island has shown its front in the name of charity. Previously, the park broke the record for the highest number of naked rollercoaster riders with 102 riders on the usually family-friendly Green Scream.

The park has also catered for larger record attempts, including creating the world’s largest portion of chips last June, resulting in a serving weighing in at 448 kilograms!

Those interested in participating in the Pitch and Butt event should contact Tracy Jones on 07887 514984 or tracy@brera-london.com