Showzam! to Pleasure enthusiasts with backstage tours

Blackpool’s annual Showzam! event has returned for another year, promising energising magic, spectacular performances and exclusive tours.

Showzam! is a unique festival for Blackpool, with a distinct focus on ‘circus, magic and new variety’. The event starts from today till next Sunday (19th February), and is hosting a number of special performances and behind-the-scenes tours to celebrate all that makes the town with the ‘Golden Mile’ unique.

Pleasure Beach Blackpool are running two tours for the week-long extravaganza, catering for both dance fanatics and theme park enthusiasts. The Stageworks Worldwide Productions Tour (taking place on 15th, 16th and 17th February) will take guests backstage into how the productions at Pleasure Beach are created, with a look into the wardrobe department with an estimated 10,000 costumes in storage and the thirteen dressing rooms at the Ice Arena – home to the world-renowned Hot Ice Show.

Catering for adrenaline junkies, the Pleasure Beach Backstage Tour focuses on how the Thompsons have provided fun and thrills for generations of visitors, with company secretary and director David Cam taking the tour through the 42-acre attraction. Based on an itinerary released summer last year, guests will be able to take a look in the engine room of Sir Hiram Maxim’s Flying Machines, the control box of the Pepsi Max Big One, and the below ground level trenches beneath the three-track Steeplechase station. Tickets for both the mentioned tours are still available to book online through the Pleasure Beach website.


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