Paulton’s ‘Village Life’ items set for auction

Paultons’ Park have announced that with the closure of the Village Life exhibition at the end of 2011, they will be selling off farming artefacts from the display.

The exhibition was one of the last remaining original attractions of Paulton’s Park, being open to the public since  17th May 1983, when the park was originally known as Paultons Park and Bird Gardens. The exhibition explored the local history and life of farmers up until Friday 23rd December as of last year.

Located in a converted barn near the park’s main entrance, the Village Life Exhibition acted as a pleasant yet informative break away from the bustle and noise of the increasing number of rides and attractions for nearly thirty years.

Thimbleby & Shorland will be auctioning off the 835 lots in March, with more details which can be viewed online here;

Lots 1 to 150 – Living Museum
Lots 151 to 200 – The Carpenter
Lots 201 to 270 – The Cooper
Lots 271 to 320 – The Farrier
Lots 321 to 371 – The Shoemaker
Lots 381 to 388 – The Cider Shop
Lots 391 to 440 – The Dairy
Lots 441 to 473 – The Dairy Cottage
Lots 502 to 582 – Heavy Horse Harness & Sundries
Lots 601 to 835 – Old Romany Museum
Paultons Park will be opening their brand new themed drop tower MAGMA for the 2012 season, of which more details can be found in our related news article.

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