Pleasure Beach set to take a dive in 2012

A similar show in 1997 was popular with guests near the Pepsi Max Big One turnaround – Image (c) BBC

Pleasure Beach Blackpool will be receiving a new show as its major addition for the upcoming 2012 season it has been announced.

Whilst details are scarce, it is believed this may be the replacement for Bling, which was dismantled and relocated to Germany earlier this month. The Pleasure Beach is renowned for a mix of popular entertainment choices, including adult hypnotist Ken Webster, tribute vocal acts and the world-renowned Hot Ice Show.

Confirming the new show online, Managing Director Amanda Thompson OBE tweeted in response to whether there will be anything new for 2012:

 “Oh yes we have a fantastic new High diving show and the Divers will be amazing”

Keen Pleasure Beaure Beach fans will remember that a High Diving Show at the park isn’t a first – there was a version of the show located on the surrent Fountains location near Trauma Towers in 1997, and were featured prominently in an episode of the Pleasure Beach BBC TV series. Moving into the new millenium, a different version of the show was located under Avalanche, but was removed after one season.

Along with the new show, a renovated Valhalla is set to reopen, with renovated scenes and a completely new frontage.