Winged trains arrive in time for The Swarm

Britain’s latest rollercoaster is gathering speed in the run up to its much anticipated opening in two months time.

Earlier today Thorpe Park were teasing through their Construction Diary page that an important piece of The Swarm had arrived at the park;

There has been a SPECIAL DELIVERY to THE SWARM site today….can you guess what it is?! Updates to follow later today….

Thankfully, this has now been revealed as the winged trains for The Swarm, set to be a unique rollercoaster for the UK that will push Thorpe Park well and truly into the theme park limelight for 2012. The train has a number of alternating red LED lights for each of the swarm creature’s eyes, along with two larger red lights beneath thought to imitate weaponry of some form.

Photo courtesy of Thorpe Park's 'The Swarm - Developers Diary'

As testing of the new attraction is not currently being undertaken, the trains are being stored in the near-completed Swarm workshop. The winged style coaster will be the first of its kind when it opens in March, with one similar coaster by the name of Raptor opening last year at Merlin Entertainments-owned Gardaland. Below are some more photos courtesy of Thorpe Park, showcasing some of the train’s unique and quirky features.