‘Secret Weapon 7’ plans released

Click above for larger proposed SW7 site plan

Located in X-Sector on the previous location of the Black Hole, the rollercoaster is thought to be a Gerstlauer Eurofighter style rollercoaster – and will have numerous inversions including a distinct large cube building acting as a centric vision point for the ride.

A large building covering 872 square metres will contain the ride’s station, along with a themed gift shop and an on-ride photography purchase point. The theme of the area and nearby Oblivion will stay the same, with the new rollercoaster building utilising similar textures such as metal sheets, mesh and roller shutters.

A design and access statement provided on behalf of Alton Towers confirms that the new rollercoaster will complement the surrounding theme park in terms of look and style.

Should the park be given planning permission to construct the new white-knuckle experience, it is believed it will open during the 2013 park season.