Monthly Archive: January 2012

Jan 30 2012

Magma set to deliver new thrills at Paultons

Paultons Park have now fully confirmed details of their upcoming ride MAGMA, which will be aimed firmly at the thrillseekers market.

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Jan 24 2012

Underground marketing commences with Forbidden tweets

Alton Towers have started lifting the lid off for the upcoming attraction Nemesis: Sub-Terra which is set to open to thrill-seekers and adventurers later this year.

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Jan 22 2012

Pleasure Beach set to take a dive in 2012

Pleasure Beach Blackpool will be receiving a new show as its major addition for the upcoming 2012 season it has been announced.

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Jan 10 2012

Winged trains arrive in time for The Swarm

The much awaited coaster trains have arrived for Thorpe Park’s upcoming coaster, ‘The Swarm’.

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Jan 09 2012

Construction underway for new Lego discovery

Known as the Lego City: Forest Pursuit, junior drivers will be able to drive around an indoor Driving School-esque circuit themed around the storyline of chasing robbers who have escaped with loot from the Lego City.

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Jan 05 2012

‘Secret Weapon 7′ plans released

Located in X-Sector on the previous location of the Black Hole, the Gerstlauer Eurofighter style rollercoaster will have numerous inversions, and will have a distinct large cube building acting as a centric vision point for the ride.

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