Pleasure Beach classic set for a ‘Ho Ho Ho’ new look

The Laughing Man has been amusing and haunting park visitors in equal measure for many generations.

Pleasure Beach Blackpool is remembered by generations for a number of things – the Sir Hiram Maxim designed Flying Machines, Big Dipper and Noah’s Ark being three of those classic attractions. However, today they are auditioning for a new voice for their Laughing Man display, which has been displayed at the amusement park since 1935.

Whilst the traditional laugh will be retained for the new season, the set-up will be transformed into the ‘Laughing Santa’, wearing the traditional robe adorned by St. Nicholas and with a teddy bear upon his lap.

Auditions are being taken at the Pleasure Beach’s Arena this morning in search for the new-look Laughing Santa’s voice – with many of the public being encouraged through the park’s social networking pages and local radio station BBC Radio Lancashire to try out for their little piece of Pleasure Beach history.

The Laughing Santa will be ‘Ho Ho Ho’ing his way through the park’s 12 Days of Christmas event, which takes place on selected dates in December.