Time is up as Bling is sold to Germany’s Skyline Park

After the Euro Attractions Show this year, we exclusively revealed that Pleasure Beach Blackpool’s Bling was on the market in a German trade magazine – and has now appropiately been revealed as being bought by one of  central Europe’s top amusement parks.

With a melted clock by it’s entrance, it was only a matter of time before the Pleasure Beach’s ‘diamond-knuckle’ attraction was to be re-located, and the new owners seem to be certain that the Zierer Starshape flat ride will make a good impression.

Skyline Park announced through their Facebook page that the thrill ride will receive a makeover, and will gain the new name of  Sky Jet when it opens in time for the 2012 season. The park teased it’s new addition to visitors with a puzzle featuring hints of both the Big One and Bling, before announcing the upcoming addition through its’ social media. A quote from the park (translated from German) read;

People, you are really great! That was so incredibly fast! We wanted you a little suspense – that’s why the puzzle was alittle tricky… Congratulations to (contest winner’sname), he was the first who got it right. The Zierer Star Shape of the new “Sky Jet” at Skyline Park!

It is expected Bling will be dismantled and transported during the next few weeks to Germany.

Below is a video of Bling, taken during its last year of operation at Pleasure Beach Blackpool.

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