‘Director of Fear’ appointed for Alton Towers

Logo copyright Alton Towers/Merlin Entertainments

Alton Towers Resort has announced a new director joining the park’s management – well known wild child Jack Osbourne.

The adrenaline junkie has been employed to ensure that the theme park’s forthcoming attraction; due to open on 24th March 2012, is the most terrifying to date.

Osbourne has been settling into his new role as ‘Director of Fear’ over the past week and is working alongside Alton Towers Resort’s Fear Experts to develop the concept for the attraction. He is already talking about putting a heart rate monitor at the attraction’s exit to record just how scary it is.

The new attraction has been described as a ‘psychologically and physically thrilling experience’, in a similar stance to how Th13teen was marketed. The new attraction will take place in a dark, intense underground setting and will be based around the back-story of the original Nemesis attraction, which opened in 1994.

As Director of Fear, Jack will be involved throughout the attraction’s development stages and will be the first to test it out, guaranteeing that every element is as scary as possible. The name for the attraction is set to be revealed in the coming months by the resort’s ‘Fear Experts’.

Osbourne’s fearless credentials placed him as the perfect candidate for the role at Alton Towers Resort. His daredevil encounters whilst filming ‘Adrenaline Junkie’ have equipped him for the position, allowing him to call on all of his death defying experiences to shape and create a new type of attraction that is unlike anything else in the world. Osbourne’s most fearful experience to date – a caving expedition – inspired the new attraction, designed to spark a sense of terror underground.