The Ultimate Ticket for Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley is ditching the '99p' pricing strategy for 2012.

With the theme park season drawing to a close for many UK theme parks, 2012 is swiftly arriving on the agenda in terms of new attractions, renovations and marketing strategies.

Lightwater Valley have now announced their admission prices for next year, including a ‘no loose change’ pricing strategy where all prices are rounded to the nearest pound as opposed to the nearest 99p – and therefore eradicating the need for 1p change with each entry.

Whilst a new rate for OAPs (£8.00) and Enthusiast Groups (£13.00) has been introduced, a new admission option has been added to the line-up as the ‘Ultimate Ticket’, which will be available to book online only from next year. This will include park entry, a meal deal, ride photo and three ‘FOQ‘ passes, which will allow guests straight onto some of the park’s most popular rides such as The Ultimate, Raptor Attack and Whirlwind.

Similar schemes operate at Pleasure Beach Blackpool and Thorpe Park, where riders pay a premium to skip queueing – and has come under scrutiny from regular visitors who believe queuing should be the only option for everybody. However, it is understood that the Front of Queue passes will be limited to those who have pre-booked their Ultimate Ticket prior to visiting the park.

For the full price listing for 2012, please visit Valley Mania’s website here.

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