Golden opportunity as Bling is for sale

Golden Opportunity - Click image above for full size advert. (c) Pleasure Beach Blackpool

Bling is known in the amusement industry as a StarShape-style flat ride by Zierer, and is one of three currently operating – the other two being ‘High Energy’ and ‘Air’ on the German and British fairground circuits respectively.

Bling arrived at Pleasure Beach Blackpool in 2004, after being opened by Geoffrey Thompson on a spot which was previously occupied by a set of dodgems. Coloured in a vibrant orange, yellow and red colour scheme, the ride can be seen from the park front on Ocean Boulevard, and competes with the famous Pepsi Max Big One for adrenaline junkies at the South End of the park.

In an advert posted in the September ’11 edition of German industry magazine “Kirmes & Park Revue“, specific details given about the ride include a footprint of 20m wide x19m deep, an operating height of approximately 30m, and a stated capacity of around 600 riders an hour.


Below is an off-ride video of Bling in operation at its current home at Pleasure Beach Blackpool.