Boy injured at Camelot

An incident has been reported at one of Lancashire’s top attractions, where a young visitor has reportedly fallen from Excalibur 2 – a Fabbri Evolution style thrill ride.

Camelot have reassured visitors all their rides undergo rigorous daily inspections
Excalibur 2 is one of the park’s few remaining thrill rides, and is Camelot’s only inverting attraction. Guests are held in with both an over-the-shoulder harness and a metal ‘cage’, which is usually clipped in for safety. The ride pods then rotate in a circle, whilst being inverted at the same time by a giant arm, providing what could be described as a washing machine effect.

The park have released a statement through their Facebook page –

“We can confirm that a 12-year-old boy with special needs has been involved in an incident on Excalibur 2. The incident occurred at 1.00pm yesterday and involved the boy falling from Excalibur 2.”

“The emergency services were notified immediately and the boy was taken to hospital by ambulance. At this stage we do not know the full extent of the injuries sustained other than they are not life threatening. Our thoughts are with the young boy and his family.”

The Health and Safety Executive have been notified, and are currently taking out an internal enquiry at the attraction. Camelot have reassured visitors that ‘all rides are subject to daily, pre-opening maintenance and safety inspection and also undergo annual independent safety inspections’.

Whilst Excalibur 2 is closed for inspections, the rest of the park is to remain open.