Coaster King to be Crowned

Alton Towers Resort is to be declared a Kingdom for a day to celebrate the crowning of their newly elected King of the coasters on August Bank Holiday Monday. Over 300,000 rollercoaster fans have voted so far for the Resort’s top five ‘All Time Greats’ – Nemesis, Air, TH13TEEN, Rita and Oblivion. Voting closes at midnight on the 28th of August.

Visitors are cordially invited to take part in the coronation celebrations on park to anoint the newly elected ‘King’.

The Kingdom of Alton Towers Resort will ask all guests to observe the following five laws:
1. Thou shalt not hide thy face with a hood
2. No coronation chickens may ride the newly crowned King of Coasters
3. If riding the King, subjects shall scream in appreciation of his supremacy
4. The first 100 guests to arrive wearing a crown shall enjoy freedom of the Kingdom without payment
5. Queue jumpers will be banished from the Kingdom forever

A coronation ceremony will be held, complete with red carpet and other majestic shenanigans. Fans can vote on or on park, until 28 August 2011, the park opens at 9am for those who book online and every vote will be entitled to purchase a £25 entry ticket.