Thorpe Park’s a wash out!

The move hopes to deter visitors from having bad breath.

THORPE PARK has appointed several mouthwash wardens and called in thousands of litres of mouthwash in a bid to combat the foul stench of bad breath released by passengers screaming on extreme rides.

With the temperatures hotting up over the weekend, increased numbers of customers have been complaining that when on the terrifying rides, fellow thrill seekers are shrieking and shrilling all over one another and thus the air is becoming contaminated with offensive breath odours leaving people with sensitive noses retching and grimacing.

Following a high level number of customer comments, the park decided to take action to stamp out the pongy exhalations after more and more people were saying that their experience of their favourite rides, such as Stealth and Nemesis Inferno, were being tarnished by the bad breath of fellow screaming riders. Garlic and cigarettes were revealed to be the most common odours causing the stink.

Mike Vallis, Divisional Director at THORPE PARK has said:

“Perhaps as rides have got more extreme over the years, people are screaming harder and as a result some are spreading their offensive oral odours amongst other riders. Over the weekend complaints have hit an all time high and it was decided that action needed to be taken.

We obviously want to make the experience of our rides as enjoyable as possible for everyone and with the new mouthwash station there are no excuses for anyone to have unfortunate smelling breath”.

It would seem that adrenaline junkies may be able to cope with the fear of THORPE PARK’S extreme mix of rides and rollercoasters on offer but their limits are pushed when it comes to dealing with the oral odours of fellow riders.
Wardens are being dispatched on rides to sniff out the worse culprits and march them to the mouthwash station where they will be asked to ‘freshen up’.