The Swarm is coming to Thorpe Park

The Swarm will be B&M's second Wingrider-style rollercoaster, and a UK-first.

Thorpe Park have released details of their new roller coaster for 2012, The Swarm. Opening Spring 2012, the ride will feature extensive theming, and will continue Thorpe Park’s aim to cater purely for the thrill market.

Riders will ride on the edges of the rollercoaster train, giving the B&M creation the ideal name of being ‘Wingrider’ style. A prototype wingrider opened successfully this year as Raptor at Gardaland, Italy.

Located on it’s own island, the ride will invert and swoop past a crashed helicopter and plane, along with many other props to engage the audience in the storyline. There will also be an on-ride photography booth, snack kiosk and small ride gift shop included within the new development.

A quote from the LC12 project website provides more information:

The UK’s first winged rollercoaster, The Swarm, takes you on a death defying flight through apocalyptic devastation.

Be picked up and dragged on the wings of The Swarm as you’re left exposed and vulnerable to the extreme near misses and gut wrenching inversions as it rips through the sky on its mission of complete annihilation.

Experience the unique head first, inverted drop from 127ft as you are flung into this merciless flight for your life.  The end is coming…

The Swarm is the first announcement in the UK of new attractions for 2012 – we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest developments as they happen. For a sneak peak at the teaser advert for The Swarm, take a look at LC12’s new website:

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