Coaster politics for Alton Towers

Fans and visitors to Alton Towers can now crown their favourite coaster as part of the park's latest marketing activity.

Merlin Entertainments’ largest theme park is asking their visitors to vote for their favourite all-time coaster, as part of their latest marketing activity.

Alton Towers are looking for their ‘all time greatest’ coaster, with a selection of five currently operating attractions up for the running. Nemesis, Air, Rita, Oblivion and Th13teen are up for the vote, with visitors on Facebook able to vote for their favourite every hour.

Fronting the campaign, former politicians Neil and Christine Hamilton have been at the park campaigning for their favourites. A short promotional video with the couple introducing the scheme can be found online here.

The park’s new nationwide television advertisement will also be focussing on the park’s top five coasters, with a new 30-second advert slot utilising each ride’s perspective teaser used at the original attractions’ launches.

Here’s a quick rundown of the nominees..

It’s Fright TimeNemesis is the oldest out of the selection, opening in March 1994. Built by Bolliger & Mallibard, this coaster is well regarded among coaster enthusiasts and park devotees, and is still highly rated as it gradually reaches the age of adulthood. The numerous corkscrews and loop along with the well-themed station all add to a sense of story.

Assume the Position – Complementing Nemesis in the Forbidden Valley area, Air is a coaster designed to simulate the idea of flying, with numerous twirls in the air all taken in a ‘Superman’ lying down position. Gliding gently though the surrounding environment, this was built in 2001, and opened a year later.

Don’t Look Down – As the key attraction in X-Sector, Oblivion opened with the unique selling point of being the world’s first vertical drop coaster. Known as ‘Secret Weapon Four’ during it’s construction, the ride makes up for it’s short circuit with a breathtaking 180 foot drop.

Didn’t See It Coming – Avoiding lift hills altogether, Rita launches riders from 0-100 kilometres per hour in 2.5 seconds. Negotiating a number of helixes and fast turns, this Intamin rocket coaster will leave you  speechless.

Don’t Go Alone – The latest coaster out of the line-up, Th13teen is a family coaster located within the Dark Forest – where wraiths and other mysterious creatures surround you. As you enter the crypt, be prepared for a unique coaster element.

Whether you vote for the classic coaster or the sleekest steelie, you could be in for a sur-prize, as there are hotel stay and theme park tickets at stake for those who vote. One lucky entrant will even win the chance to be on the design council for Alton Towers’ latest coaster, which is set to open in 2013.

Details of how to vote and enter the 2013 competition are available here: