Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 29 2011

Fanta sponsor virtual theme park

Soft drinks giant The Coca-Cola Company have released a new game under one of their famous ‘fizzy pop’ brands, Fanta. King of the Park allows people using Facebook to create their own park based on a specific layout, with mini-games being released gradually over nine weeks. Games currently released include Pirate Galleon , where players must escape …

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Jun 24 2011

Alton Towers search for the ultimate Th13teen ‘Coaster Cuties’

Amy Childs has joined forces with Alton Towers to launch the search for a group of ‘Coaster Cuties’ – twenty fearless female thrill-seekers set to become the official faces of the park’s latest roller coaster, TH13TEEN.  Swapping a shift at the salon for a day of thrills at the Staffordshire Resort, the red-haired beauty is leading …

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