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Safe for work ... just about ... things get strange between Smythe and Jigsaw

Coaster Porn: Tumblr’s hidden Smiler Smut

Coasters are people too? In the dark corners of the internet, Tumblr users are giving roller-coasters a human body and describing, in graphic detail, what they do with it.

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Longleat car on fire

Car on Fire in Lion Enclosure

A car carrying a family of three caught on fire in the middle of the lion enclosure at Longleat.

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Both events benefited charities and broke records (c) The Morning Star

Calm down and keep your top on!

One of the South East’s most popular tourist attractions is asking its male customers not to remove their shirts during warm weather

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How to take #ThemeParkSelfies

No where can escape the ‘selfie’ trend – especially not theme parks! If you’re going to get involved and snap yourself at a park, take some advice from these #awesome #themeparkselfies

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APRIL FOOLS: World’s first ‘fully virtual’ park to open

Sensory Deprivation and Motion Illusion will be used to create the first theme park without any real movement.

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Dybuk Horror Camp Live Blackburn

‘Ex-scream’ entertainment to set up camp in Lancashire

The world’s first overnight horror camping experience will return this Summer for its third year.

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10 Things: London

10 exciting experiences in London.

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Screenshot 2014-03-09 at 1.26.24 AM

“Happy” Applicants at Pleasurewood Hills

An peculiar new method recruitment from Pleasurewood Hills has applicants dancing to ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams.

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Airgates Attractions News Magazine Issue One

Airgates Magazine Launch – Issue One

March in History, Shrek at County Hall, Mobile Apps as Rides … it’s all in this month’s AIRGATES MAG! Read for free now.

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Chessington’s Ancient Hotel to open Aug. 3

The Azteca Hotel will open on August 3rd.

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